Features Of The Earthquake Kits

The idea of creating an earthquake kit might have risen due to many casualties who survived after the quake occurred. When the earthquake occurs, only a few places on earth are safe one of them being the area where the earthquake kit is. However for the earthquake kits to save much life as intended it must contain some specific features some of these functions are:


Water and food

Water and foodPeople should be aware that nobody knows the length of an earthquake period. For already prepared earthquake kit it should be made in such a way that can hold at least four-day storehouse holding as much as a gallon of water for each day for it to meet the required need.

Food is another essential need for an earthquake kit. Since installing electricity power could be a source of danger to casualties’ store enough quantity of food with most of the food being canned food that will not spoil during this period. Also contain a lot of cereals, canned meat, juices, milk, fruits and vegetables should be stalled in bulk in any earthquake kit.

Clothes and bedding

Be sure to keep simple things that are typically forgotten in a time of stress. A good earthquake kit should include a change of clothes, raincoats, blankets and a tent to spare the disaster victims from severe night exposure elements. These will be sincerely important especially when there was a severe damage in the home.

First aid kit

It makes sense when I say at least few people will be hurt. Some will be having a minor injuries others major injuries. What people should understand is that during the disaster time your nearest hospital could be one of the victims and finding time to visit the place could actually be the primary problem. To solve this issue, you should sort yourself with a good first aid kit. The kit should contain relevant items and medicines such as bandages, disinfecting agents, wound cleaners and scissors. A thermometer may be included to measure the degree of body temperature of the wounded person(s). Painkillers are also necessary for lowering down the pain among the injured patient and any other medical item that might be needed.

Other assorted items

suppliesA good earthquake kit should take into an account where the family might be in desperate need of some items such as family dinnerware, Aluminum foil, a knife, a match box for lighting the fire. Remember to include a camping flashlight such as a torch, toiletries, and cleaning material should also be included for hygienic purposes. There should always be a bag to put the remaining family documents that can be used to identify the family such as birth certificates and IDs.