Security Camera Reviews

There are many features of a smart home. Being able to know what is going on and mostly when you are away, make the top list of this features. Irrespective of what you are checking, pets, kids, jewelry collection name it, security cameras are the best tools to help you when you are away.
Camera capabilities vary, some devices will send you a notification when they detect an activity, others will record videos, some designs offer two-way audio, and other designs are meant to monitor your baby.
Below are some important features to consider when buying a home security camera

Camera View

security camera1080 p is the standard resolution for most home cameras. But did you know that there are benefits that come with higher resolution cameras? Not many of these cameras have optical zoom lenses. The more megapixels the camera sensor has, the better it can zoom images and videos and be able to see things. In simple terms, I am saying, if you can go for high-resolution cameras the better.


Almost all security cameras use WI-FI, but some brands do not rely on it exclusively. Some use Bluetooth for local control and easy connection with smartphones. Different cameras will come with varying instructions of connection. Read and follow the instructions keenly. Once you are connected, you can now access everything through your mobile device.


The recordings captured should be stored for future reference. Most cameras work with cloud storage and offer remote access. Other designs have microSD slots. This feature is going down the drain with technology advancements. Cloud storage services are not similar; this is true because you will realize that some cameras store different lengths and amounts of footage. It is advisable to choose as per your need and financial muscle.

Top Rated Three Home Cameras

Netgear Arlo Pro 2

  • best home security camsThis is an outdoor security camera and is completely wireless.
  • It works well with smartphones and has a resolution of 1080p.
  • It comes with free cloud storage option and local storage option.

iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep Pro

  • It is an indoor camera
  • Offers two-way audio
  • Face recognition
  • Free cloud storage

Tend Secure Lynx Review

  • top rated security camsIt is an indoor and affordable home camera
  • Sharp 1080 resolution
  • The camera is installed and managed using Tend Secure application
  • Easy installation, purchase the device, download the application and follow the instructions. If you are not sure, kindly contact a profession because, with the wrong installations, you will not achieve efficiency.

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