LED flashlight

Choosing The Right Tactical Flashlight

If you are a policeman, a fireman, hunter, survivalist, or you are in the military; you will understand the usefulness of having a reliable, high-quality flashlight. For duties and activities of professionals mentioned above, a regular household flashlight is not sufficient. They need a military flashlight that is built to be powerful, reliable, waterproof, sturdy, and with a rechargeable battery. You will realize you need this flashlight when it is very late. You may find yourself in thick, dark woods looking for keys, or in the unfamiliar house looking for an exit; a tactical flashlight is the best to illuminate your path.

What tactical means

Tactical Tactical Flashlightmeans military tactics, which is an art and a science of implementing techniques of military nature. Moreover, it means techniques used for attacking and defeating an enemy in the battle, using military units and weapons.

Flashlight parts


This is also known as the head. It is quite an important part even though it appears to be an inferior or minor aspect of light. It keeps the flashlight window in place and increases its brightness by having the microscopic lens in their position. If the bezel of the flashlight is lost, your device will become redundant as it is the one that keeps it intact. Below the lens, it is a torch or batteries depending on the model.


Lens are not only a cover of the torch, but they increase the brightness and make it quite powerful. A tactical flashlight with the lens can serve several purposes. It can protect the torch beneath and illuminates the area in different colors. The various colors are necessary to enhance visibility in certain situations.


LED bulb iLED bulbs used in nearly all tactical flashlights. The major reason for this is that it can provide over 40, 000 hours of continuous use. This translates to about four years. Also, they do not have a filament that makes them shock resistant. Such qualities make LED bulbs most valuable around, which is what is needed by the police, or military. LED lighting offers great vision no matter the conditions you are subjected to.


This has got a parabolic shape, and it concentrates light from LED flashlight and thereby creates a direct beam. Its reflector is quite an important component as it enhances power emitted from the powerful bulb. Most tactical flashlights allow for adjustment of reflector to create a narrower or wider scope.