Qualifications Of A Security Guard

Gone are the days we burnt incense and felt safe, gone are those days heavens took care of our security. Now one safety is his to procure. The canopies of the law can’t accommodate us all; some people will surely stay outside it, some people will go outside the law and commit a crime. Hence we must protect ourselves from possible causality. This is why the place of anĀ armed security guard is crucial.


Security guardSecurity remains one of the biggest issues of our time. Given this, the need for the safety guards cannot be overemphasized. Security guards are responsible for patrolling neighborhoods to prevent crimes. They also monitor properties to prevent theft, vandalism and to even check for fire outbreaks. In employing a security guard, there are some attributes and or qualifications one must look out for, considering the sensitive nature of the job. Some of these qualifications are very vital, while others are just a plus, that would make the security guard be most effective.

General requirements

Anyone seeking the job of a security guard must have most–if not all–of the following skills or character attributes that are listed below.

  • Punctuality
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to manage complex situations
  • Good persuasion skills
  • Willingness to obey orders.
  • Ability to exercise personal restraint
  • A good security guard must not be forceful
  • A good security guard must be versatile and multitasking
  • Possession of adequate survival skills like swimming, etc.
  • Willingness to treat others with respect
  • A security guard must always be professional in conduct
  • Honesty is the most important character attribute a security guard should possess.
  • Must be a skilled and licensed driver
  • Must be in Good health and physical condition

Government requirements (unarmed)

In different countries, governmental regulations are governing the recruitment of security guards. These rules vary from country to country, howbeit, slightly. To this end, we shall consider some of the requirements that are general. The list below shows some of them.

  • Must be 18 years and above
  • Must not have any criminal record
  • Must not have been convicted of felony
  • Must be proven to be a loyal citizen
  • Must physically fit for the job
  • Able to obtain permit for carrying concealed weapons (armed)
  • Must possess a good mental capacity
  • Able to get permit for small arms (armed guard only)
  • Must have obtained primary education
  • Must be able to pass any training examination that might be required.


portIn conclusion, we stated how indispensable security guards have become in maintaining the peace in modern societies. No doubt, many would love to have a career as a professional security guard; it is hoped that this guide would acquaint them with the basic qualifications that are required. In all, the job of a security guard can be very demanding, but many have found it rewarding.